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Valentine's Day thru Rose Colored Glasses

Happy Valentine's Day! How are YOU celebrating this special day of LOVE? We thought it would be fun to share some vendor picks in hues of rose quartz and opal in keeping with the Valentine color scheme (if there is really such a thing!).

This Quartz Moon Chandelier is quite dramatic to say the least! I see how it got it's name!

What a sweet little table in Rose Quartz!

A lovely lamp in shades of shell pink and pearly alabaster with a creamy hand-applied amber finish - LOVE!

Last but certainly not least...this chest is an image of simple luxury in it's blush hue with solid brass trim.

So if these pieces are in YOUR color scheme...or you'd like them to be...then just let us know. We offer many other styles and colors as well in this product line!

Make it a day of LOVE in all you do...


Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

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