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Adding a Touch of Black to your Room is always a Great Look

I love the effects of a little (or a lot of) black in a room. No matter what color it is paired with a touch of black adds such contrast, sophistication, drama, and just an overall 'punch' to the design. I thought this would make a great topic for today and give me the chance to show you how fabulous this little design trick (adding a touch of black) can look in your room. Perhaps you are a skeptic, but this post might just change your mind - take a look!

This Suzanne Kasleer foyer with this stunning black and white flooring and black door makes a very dramatic statement when you enter. I love how it 'pops' the green fabric and grounds the space especially since the walls are white. Beautiful!

Here is an office with Ralph Lauren furnishings where we have a much more dramatic feel with the black walls and black furniture all paired with black and white on the floor (tile and rug!). There is enough white in the ceiling and trim to compliment the flooring and to balance this room...and see how the GREEN 'pops' against this black?!! How about YOU...could you see yourself working in this office?

Here is another Ralph Lauren room - again, very dramatic with this much black, yet stunning! I wanted to just mention also that if you prefer only a small 'pop' of black in your room then even a piece of artwork with black in it can add a great flair - see the art on the far back wall here.

If you like adding the black paint but don't desire the whole room painted in it then adding black trim is a great design idea too. This, along with some black furnishings makes a grand statement yet when paired with more neutrals it relaxes the room a bit more. In my words, this room is dramatic, glam, and relaxing! GlamourHouz

Look how fabulous this black accent wall looks with this blue - stunning! Painted niches are even another great way to add in the drama of black.

Look how bold and daring these lampshades look in this area. The black pops the pink in this room for sure! Love!!

Most people probably would not have thought to add a black lampshade to this little southern style room, but look what a statement it makes! Sarah Bartholomew

Another great way to add that touch of black in a room is by painting (yes, even a DIY idea here!) a dresser or another piece of furniture you may already have. At least you can give it a try to see how you like it! The black just makes the other colors in the room stand out even more. Who wouldn't want a little touch of drama (aka 'black') now?!!

Last but not least, you could make a huge change to a guest bath or powder room by adding some drama for your guests - with wallpaper. Yes, please! Simply adding black in your artwork or just black frames can also be a great way to add in a little dramatic flair.

Hopefully now you are feeling a bit more confident about adding a touch of black to one of YOUR rooms!

Thanks for stopping by!

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