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The Wonderful World of Wallcovering

I am thrilled to say that clients are welcoming wallpaper back into their homes! Yay!!! This is happening even down here in Southwest Florida (Naples!) with all of the summer heat and humidity. Yes, it IS ok to use it here! There are so many gorgeous patterns and colors that are available but today I want to share these beauties with you...

Whatever YOUR style may of these is sure to go along with your decor! Which one would YOU try?

A little closer up view is better perhaps...great texture!

If you prefer a little more subtle these are great choices!

In our area niches are a big feature in many of the homes...and THESE make awesome choices for creating a 'grand' statement in those areas! Stunning wallpaper with textures! I've done several using mica wallpaper but can't wait to get my hands on some of these others here! Any takers out there? If so, give us a call. We'd love to design YOUR dream space!

Have a 'Simply Irresistible' Day!

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